It's been a while! I'm now living in Vermont-how's that for a change??

So many things have happened since I last wrote here. The brand has changed; it continues to progress in a way that I'm really pleased with. I look forward to the further evolution of Samaavar in the direction it is going now. 

It feels kind of surreal, to be here three years after starting my business in skincare (back when it used to be 'Suite Sailing Soaps'!). I almost thought I wouldn't make it this far, that I wouldn't be able to have a small business that would eventually grow to sustain itself. I'm so humbled and grateful to God for everything in my life, in particular Samaavar. Despite still trying to figure out what Samaavar really is (I thought it meant 'tea', but it is so much more than that), it is a great adventure that is quiet and small and very very meaningful. My time here in Vermont has taught me the value and meaning of family...of connection...because there is very little of that here for me. 

A 'samaavar' is an object that boils water and keeps brewing tea warm. That's all it is. A tool. A means. Tea, in Persian and many other cultures around the world, is the backbone of any relationship and the sustainer of many personal bonds. It gives an excuse for a short chat (or a long lounging night) with dear friends and family. Tea and what it translates to is what Samaavar means to me, right now. I hope to communicate that with everything I do. That I care for you. Because everyone is like family to me. 




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