To New Branding and Beginnings

To New Branding and Beginnings

Hi there! Salaam~! This is the first blog post I've made in years for anything, so bear with me while I orient myself! ;) 

Working for yourself can be hard. It can be really stressful with no good nights of sleep and seemingly endless days of working while getting nowhere (or at least, that's how it seems). Despite the drawbacks of being your own boss for the first few years, it is still rewarding. There is a great sense of peace in knowing that you don't need to answer to anyone when you are doing your craft, and that everything will eventually fall into place if you work smart and work hard. It might take a little longer, particularly when rebranding your image, but it can be well-worth the wait and effort. 

I've re-branded my skincare line from Suite Sailing Soaps to Samaavar in an effort to grow closer to my Persian roots. A 'samaavar' is basically a contraption that aids in making copious amounts of tea to stimulate socialization, caffeination, and love between friends and family in my mother's culture. Tea is a very universal drink, but a samaavar is the backbone of any Iranian kitchen and family. I wanted to bring that sense of belonging and tradition through the ingredients and methods used to produce skincare, and later, apparel. Samaavar reminds me that we can come together to be beautiful and have nice beverages together that are simple yet delicious, regardless of culture!

Stay tuned for organic, natural, handcrafted soapy goodness (and other skin-related things!) in the future. Don't forget to grab a bar on your way out!

Love, Sara

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